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Information for Attendees

This is information on attending KLCC. Information for presenters can be found here.

KLCC will take place online through Zoom. Links will be sent to registered participants by May 28, 2021. Please register here in order to get access to the Zoom links to attend KLCC. Registration for KLCC is free.

The program for KLCC is available here. You'll be able to download abstracts and handouts from our Google Drive folder.

Synchronous Component: Zoom

The conference will be held over Zoom with both pre-recorded and live presentations. Password-protected links to the conference Zoom meetings will be sent to registered attendees the day before.

Zoom Etiquette

We will be using the regular Zoom format to hold the conference. This means that we will need the cooperation of all attendees to help make things run smoothly.

All participants will be muted upon entry to the zoom session. We ask that you keep your microphone muted during the presentation, and only unmute yourself during breaks or during the Q&A when instructed by the moderator. The moderator may mute you during a presentation if you forget to do so.

It is up to you whether your camera is on, but we would like to encourage you to turn the camera on during the Q&A period, especially if you are asking a question. You might also consider adding a picture of yourself to display while your camera is off.

Live Q&A

Questions will be handled through Zoom's raise hand feature and the chat. If you would like to ask your question, please raise your hand. If you would like to have your question read, please type it into the chat.

Accessing Materials for KLCC

Each presentation's materials are linked from the program page.


Before the conference
  • Download and install the Zoom app.
    • Go to Settings in your Zoom application to make your profile name match your registration name.
    • You can optionally add your picture in the profile settings.
    • You can test your audio/video here.
    • Familiarize yourself with Zoom.
  • Take a look at the program.
  • Plan and host social gatherings outside of the conference schedule. A shared spreadsheet to organize social events will be shared with registered participants.
During the conference
  • Watch presentations and ask questions synchronously during the conference Zoom meeting.
  • Watch presentations and ask questions asynchronously through the XX.
  • Talk with other attendees during breaks and in independently scheduled meetings.
General Zoom tips
  • Some features are only available on the computer (desktop) version of Zoom, not on a tablet/phone/etc. More here.
  • Turn off background syncing (dropbox, google sync, backups, etc)
  • Use a wired connection if you can
  • Quit unnecessary applications
  • Use headphones if you're in a noisy environment or to reduce feedback
  • If you're having trouble with your connection, turn off your video


Information for Presenters

Important dates

  • Thursday, April 1: Deadline to submit abstract for presenters
  • Saturday, May 1: Acceptance notified, deadline to submit abstract for invited speakers
  • Friday, May 28: Registration deadline
  • Tuesday, June 1: Deadline to submit pre-recorded presentations and/or posters
  • Friday-Sunday, June 4-6: KLCC 2021

Presentation Options

Presenters at KLCC have the option of having their presentation synchoronously or asynchronously followed by live question period. Please let us know your preference before the conference.

  • Talk sessions: 30 minute talk, 10 minute questions
Live talk, live questions

You can vie your talk and questions live in a scheduled time slot.

Pre-recorded talk, live questions

You can prerecord your talk, play it during your time slot, and answer questions live afterwards. If you do so, please announce this at the beginning of your talk. You should be prepared to play your own video.

If you have a handout, you can upload it to our Google drive folder. The subfolders are organized by the submission number and the name of the first author. Please upload your handout to the appropriate folder.